Learning how good the S6 is

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I have now owned the 1995 Audi S6 Avant for about two years, grabbing it in the summer of 2022 off of Martha's Vineyard. While I undoubtedly liked the car - the 5-cylinder noise pushed through the Stromung exhaust is reason enough to love it - the driving experience wasn't good enough to make it an absolute home run. 

My shop in Rhode Island did some serious heavy lifting with getting it prepared for regular road use, including the intense timing belt job, fixing the busted HVAC controls, and refreshing the suspension. However, it was clear they hit a point with it where the S6 needed to move along. The steering felt disconnected from the front end and the clutch action was awful; the engagement point was borderline non-existent. 

I knew it needed a clutch and so I used my new shop here in Annapolis to get it replaced. However, when I brought it back with a serious humming sound from the front end, they flagged the need for new wheel bearings, hubs, and brake calipers, noting all of those pieces were long overdue for replacement.

What a transformation - seriously, You now get to experience just how much sheer grip this car has. I have never been impressed by AWD cars but I've also never driven one with much in the way of horsepower. Decent power plus layers upon layers of grip makes for a very fun drive, and the S6 is a completely different car with these improvements made in the front end. 

Just goes to show you that you never know which single improvement (or improvements) can transform the driving experience from underwhelming to exceptional.