1976 BMW 2002

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Vehicle Summary

Stunning, rust-free example, now available after a 4+ year comprehensive rebuild of the car body, suspension, and drivetrain.  All the right bits and goodies; 5-speed, LSD, Recaros, and fuel injection! Contact Adam via cagedbunny@gmail.com

This 2002 was taken down to bare metal, all rust repaired, and completely resprayed in Colorado Orange.  Every piece of hardware on the car has been replaced or re-coated.  Many new parts and upgrades installed as the car was re-assembled, most with receipts and paperwork to match.

In the engine bay:Rebuilt M10 (stock internals) with windage tray, fuel injected with Megasquirt.  Ford EDIS coilpack set-up.  Carbon airbox, silicone intake hoses, custom adjustable throttle linkage.  Entire engine bay harness has been tidied and re-loomed.  Aluminum radiator, electric pusher fan, all new coolant hoses.  Blunttech headlight covers.  Top-End Performance shorty exhaust header.  Wideband 02 sensor added to downpipe.  Beautifully powdercoated intake manifold and valve cover assemblies.  

Underbody/Suspension: Subframes and arms were blasted, then painted/powdercoated.  All new bushings, ball joints, steering and suspension components installed throughout with new hardware.  

  • Koni adjustable struts front, Bilstein's rear
  • IE Stage II lowering springs
  • IE Swaybars front/rear
  • New strut mounts, bearings, dust shields, bump stops
  • IE poly control arm bushings
  • IE poly radius rod bushings
  • IE solid rear subframe mounts
  • IE poly trailing arm bushings
  • New brake hardlines
  • SS brake hoses
  • Drilled front rotors
  • New brake pads
  • New drum shoes, wheel cylinders
  • New differential mount bushings
  • Rebuilt cv axles
  • Rebuilt steering gearbox
  • New tie rods, adjusting sleeves, drag link, etc

Other driveline details:

  • G245 5-speed conversion with TEP 5-speed x-brace
  • Blunttech DSSR shifter and all new bushings and hardware
  • Transmission fully re-sealed
  • Rebuilt driveshaft, connected to a Korman-built 3.91 LSD
  • IE Stainless exhaust system


  • Recovered E21 Recaro seats in quality leather, perforated centers
  • Recovered rear bench seat in perforated black vinyl
  • New black carpet
  • New headliner
  • New sun visor pair with hardware
  • New REPA seatbelts and receivers
  • Recovered front door panel set (Aardvarc)
  • IE billet window and vent window cranks
  • Koogleworks long console with Glowshift gauges, USB and charging port
  • Bluetooth media player (not wired)
  • New polished door sill set
  • Leather-wrapped dashboard
  • Custom gauge panel set-up using a few different year gauges
  • Carbon fiber gauge panel overlay
  • Rebuilt pedal box
  • IE billet gas pedal
  • Recovered rear parcel shelf
  • New/recovered trunk boards
  • TEP rear brace with battery relocation

The leather-wrapped dash is, in my opinion, the only let down on the interior of the car.  Notoriously difficult to do, the dash has a few wrinkles and exposed folds, though is still far more attractive than the average cracked dashboard.  Lights all function, as does the blower motor, heat, and sliders for the HVAC.  

The fuel tank has been cleaned and painted/coated, and the correct fuel sending unit installed for the fuel level gauge to function properly.


  • New stainless belt-line trim and hardware
  • New euro front turn signals
  • Side markers shaved front and rear
  • US license plate/light bracket holes shaved
  • Short euro rear bumper with license plate lights
  • Hella H4 headlights
  • Hella fog lamps (not yet wired)
  • New windshield seals and lock trim front and rear
  • New window scrapers
  • New stainless rocker trim
  • Misc new trim/seals (B-pillar, door handle gaskets, etc)
  • Flawless front grille set with black center kidney


There are a few items that could be addressed to really make this car a show-worthy candidate.  

The paint work was extremely thorough, but the car has yet to be wet-sanded and polished.  A small section on the driver's upper door was done as a litmus test, and the result is as beautiful as expected.  The rest of the car needs the same treatment to have the luster and depth of shine that it deserves.  The rear bumper needs fiddling with for the sides to sit a bit more even/flush with the body.  Though most of the rubber on the exterior of the car are new, the rear pop-out window seals are not, and are showing their age.  The tachometer has not been wired to work with the Megasquirt.  All other gauges do function, as well as the additional gauges in the center console.  There are some clunks/rattles still to sort out from the driveline/suspension, namely where the exhaust was braced to the floorpan, and the TPS touching the brake booster.  Small enough issues, but cause some NVH at idle/low-speeds/deceleration.  One bolt on the shifter console is a hair loose currently, which causes some up/down slop in the shifter.  The Koogleworks console was left loose so as not to damage it until the bolt is addressed.  

Overall, this is an unbelievably straight, rust-free 2002 that could be used and enjoyed as-is.  The perfect candidate to personalize with a few touches like wheels, bumper/airdam, and any other small touches you see fit!  

This car is being sold on behalf of it's owner, with a clean North Carolina title, over $20k in receipts, and several totes full of new/used/spare parts.